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Due to the world's environment and the industrial safety requirements, FTI valve & controls are made with special metal seal technology. The metal seal valves can achieve 100% bubble tight and work in hot temperature as 550 degree C and low as -196 degree C with pressure up to class 900 pounds ( #3000WOG ).

In metal-to-metal seating, dependent on service conditions, application of various coatings allow the ball and seat rings to be hard faced on the sealing areas. Coating examples include electrolysis nickel plating, satellite hard facing, chromium carbide and tungsten carbide. Sealing is assured by metal-to-metal contact between the two hard-coated surfaces. Choosing the right seat material is the most challenging decision in ball-valve selection. For the most effective solution, the more application information available the better the materials selection will be.

Metal-seated valves are expensive, but when the cost in downtime due to failure and in replacement of soft-seated valves is factored in, total cost of ownership may actually favor metal-seated valves for the same application. In summary, metal-seated valves deliver economical long-lasting solutions for critical applications.


Based on the successful and unique design of the low tmperature valves, our cryogenic products offer an unmatched level of reliability, stability and most important is safety. FTI Cryo Series ball valves are designed for use in low temperature and cryogenic applications. Low temperature service is generally understood to mean temperatures below freezing down to -50°C, while the term cryogenic applies to service temperatures of -50 down to -196°C.

Cryogenic service is much more complicated and usually involves the handling of liquefi ed gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, fl uorine, helium and methane. Serious consideration must be given to thermal expansion rates of materials since the service temperature can be more than 260°C below ambient temperature.