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High Velocity Oxygen Fuel ( H.V.O.F ) most severe applications are accompanied by high temperature, high abrasion or high pressure conditions.For this purpose, we work with top quality H.V.O.F coating facility, to control the core of technology in the metal seat valves. FTI Valve & Controls can offer different coating material as Tungsten Carbide, Chromium Carbide, Stellite, Hard Chrome or other materials according to the conditions.

Metal seated ball valves are particularly designed to meet the requirements of high
temperature, high pressure, erosive, slurry and particle-entrained fiberous fluids
for modulating control service or on-off service. The ball and seats are specially
harden treated, and precision ground and lapped. With their reliable operation, lower torque, excellent tightness and long life, 
these metal seated ball valves have been widely used for applications in crude
oil, petrochemical, chemical, power plants, metallurgy and so on. Most metal seated ball valves are made to order and to tight specifications. FTI Specialize in working from custom-made designs, producing high-quality valves, quickly, efficiently and economically.